In an increasingly competitive environnement, ALL PLAST, as leader in food package manufacturing, is committed to fully and sustainably satisfy the expectations and needs of its customers.

To always strive forward and respect the high standards put on us by out customers, we continuously upgrade the efficiency of our systems and quality control, and to guarantee the manufacturing of products that complies with food contact, we have set up a system that works on proventing hazards related to food safety based on the HACCP approach and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as customer requirments.

Our strategic vision is totally quality-oriented and aims to ensure the development and sustainability of our company:

  • Satisfying customer requirements.
  • Identifying and addressing the needs and expectations of the company’s relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensuring the realisation of a safe product.
  • Improve the performance of our processes.
  • Develop the skills of our staff through training.
The exploitation and the monitoring of the quality management system is carried through internal audits, process reviews as well as managment reviews. In this spirit, i am commited to apply this policy and to give all the required ressources to its daily implementation. Furthermore, i wish for each employee to involve themselves in the system and act to preserve the global and perennial quality within the company. The General Manager Mr BATOUCHE MADJID